RoylandDance Picture: Rumba Step
Royland has been teaching throughout the Bay Area since 2005.






Originally from Guantanamo, Cuba, Royland is a founding member of the Havana-based dance company, 7 Potencias, an Afro-Cuban Folkloric dance and music ensemble.

7 Potencias Photo
7 Potencias, one of the most creative and acclaimed Cuban folkloric ensembles, both in Cuba and internationally.

A professional dancer with an expertise in Afro-Cuban folkloric and Cuban popular dance, Royland has also participated as a principal dancer as well as instructor, and invited guest in performances, workshops and classes throughout the greater Bay Area, Hawaii, New York, Cuba, and Mexico.




Royland Portrait
A graduate of the Escuela de Instructors de Arte de la Ciudad de La Habana, (School of Arts Instructors in Havana) with a degree in Education, specializing in dance.